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Ali Wenzke

Author, Moving Expert, and Founder of The Art of Happy Moving

About Ali Wenzke

Hi! I’m Ali Wenzke and I’m a professional mover. Well, no, not that way. I don’t move other people, unless you count my husband and three kids. I just move the family. Again and again. My husband and I moved ten times in eleven years. Since we couldn’t afford to hire movers for most of our moves, we did it ourselves. Nothing bonds family and friends like a DIY move. I’m sure you know all about those bonding moments.

As we got older and kids entered the picture, we hired professional moving companies to help move our increasing quantity of stuff. Now we needed to figure out how to move with kids, which posed its own set of challenges. As if constantly moving wasn’t stressful enough, we decided to buy and sell several homes by owner. My husband and I wanted to save money by going the FSBO route and it worked.

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Photo credit: Scott Edwards / EFG Image

About The Art of Happy Moving

I know moving can be tough. So, I started this blog for anyone thinking about moving, in the middle of a move, or trying to build a community in a new city. Each week I provide tips on moving logistics, making new friends and finding happiness after a move. I also hope you’ll find my free resources helpful. You can use the week-by-week Moving Checklist or the Change of Address Notification Checklist to help with the logistics. If you want to take advantage of this time to make major life changes, check out the Moving Resolutions Chart.

At The Art of Happy Moving, I share my personal experiences and the stories of the many people I’ve interviewed. Although millions of us move every year, no two moving stories are alike. Everyone who contributes their stories to this blog does so to help make your move a happy one. Happy moving may seem like an oxymoron, but I’m setting out to prove otherwise.

Where We’ve Lived

I’m an equal opportunity mover. Every state sounds like a fun adventure waiting to be explored. After a lifetime in in Miami, Florida, my first out-of-state move was heading to college in Massachusetts. My husband and I then moved from Massachusetts to Maryland to Ohio to California to Illinois to Tennessee and back to Illinois. That’s a lot of moving. Believe me when I say that I feel your pain.

Good luck with your move! You’re definitely going to survive and it’ll be an adventure. Moving always is.

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